Reduce Taxes on Your M&A Sale Proceeds via QSBS

by Jon Mills

Authors: Jon Mills and Jim Pickle “I’m selling my business (which I’m very excited about), but how will my sale proceeds be taxed?” We hear this question a fair amount after the…

We Need $$$ To Get Our Company Off the Ground

by Jim Pickle

This is probably the most common story/question that I hear from companies and entrepreneurs:  “I started my company a few months ago with my own money, stuff is going well…

Warrants and Startup Fundraising

by Hansen Babington

When someone says the word “warrant,” what’s the first thing comes to your mind? Perhaps the image of a sheriff knocking on a suspect’s door? While that might be what…

Begin with the End in Mind

by Greg Curran

Whenever I meet with someone who is starting a new company or business, or even a specific project, I always suggest that they clearly define their desired outcome, usually in…

All Hands on (the) Deck

by Hansen Babington

A summary of key business and legal issues affecting a business presentation, or “deck.” Presenting the core facts of a new company and its business model is no easy task….

Engaging a Finder or Placement Agent

by Hansen Babington

Founders wear many hats, and one of the most important is that of chief fundraiser. Many startups follow a well-trodden financing pathway. First, personal savings are utilized to get an…