Greg Curran

What I do at Maynard: 

I am a business and transaction (M&A) lawyer and work with a broad group of clients that range from early-stage companies to large, mature companies and with strategic and financial investors.  I regularly serve as an outside general counsel and a business adviser to private companies.  I am the Chairman of the firm and spend a fair amount of my time pushing strategy and related initiatives.

What I like most about working at Maynard: 

Maynard has always had an entrepreneurial culture with a general attitude that lawyers are free to pursue all opportunities that interest them and that they believe creates growth opportunities for the firm. This culture has always given me the freedom to behave like a partner with clients, which I really enjoy.


I enjoy turkey hunting and golf but I spend more time and energy thinking about clients and our law firm.

Life Mantra: 

I have two that come to mind:

  • Be good every day
  • Self-awareness leads to humility

Both of these things are a challenge, but both generally lead to good outcomes.