Tim Gregg

What I do at Maynard:

I advise companies on capital raising transactions, including initial “friends and family” rounds, VC and private equity investments, and ultimately IPOs. This counseling includes guiding the founders of emerging businesses on what to expect when raising capital, including understanding alternative methods of raising capital, the differences in expected terms for each round of financing, addressing valuation issues, and advising on capital structures in anticipation of future rounds.

What I like most about working at Maynard:

The people and the atmosphere! Everyone here places a premium on maintaining a collegial atmosphere that promotes teamwork across the firm. Also, I enjoy the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit, which the firm has maintained despite significant growth and expansion over the past couple of decades.


Squash, tennis, golf and other sports (and trying unsuccesfully to avoid injury in each of them) and spending time with my family

Life mantra:

Life is so damn short. Just do what makes you happy.